New Company Name

December 20, 2018

RE:  New Company Name and Brand Structure

Dear Valued Ringmasters Business Partners,

This letter is to inform you that our corporate name and identity will change from Ringmasters to Lifebeats Gifts effective 1-1-2019.

This change accommodates our ongoing expansion into different markets and product lines. This change does NOT affect the ownership of the company, but may affect the way you will do business with us going forward.

There will be 4 separate company divisions operating under the Lifebeats Gifts corporate structure:

1.  Ringmasters will continue to operate as it has for the past 31 years.  The only change is that it will transition to an LDS products only division.  Consequently, some products you are currently purchasing through Ringmasters may now be distributed under a
different brand name.  The wholesale website is still

2.  While Lifebeats Gifts will be the new name of our company, Lifebeats is our general gift and custom products division.  The general gift lines include Inspirational,  Faith (non-LDS products only),  Souvenir,  Holiday/Seasonal, and a Sincere Thoughts line of greeting cards, specialty jewelry and specialty gift items. 

Our Custom program can tailor any of our wide array of products from any of our divisions to your special needs.  The Lifebeats division will replace the Boulder Creek brand that has operated since 2004 and the Boulder Creek brand will be discontinued. The website is

3.  Fan Frenzy Gifts is our sports licensing products division.  These lines include Professional,  Collegiate,  Public Schools,  and General licensed sports products.  This division has been in operation since 2016. The website is

4.  Snowy Peaks Media is our publishing and media products and services division.  This division has been in operation since 2012.  The website is

Lifebeats Gifts and it’s 4 divisions will all be located at the same previous address:

2437 N. Rulon White Blvd. Ogden, UT 84404.

What does this all mean for you?

As a customer, you will be provided with updated catalogs for each division.  Products will be packaged and branded under each company division. However, you will only be doing business with one company – Lifebeats Gifts. 

You can place orders for all divisions at the same time.  The biggest change will be that you will receive separate invoices for products you order from each division.  For example, if you order products from the Fan Frenzy, Snowy Peaks Media and Ringmasters divisions at the same time, you will receive 3 invoices, one from each division.  One invoice will be labeled “Fan Frenzy, a Lifebeats Gifts company”.  Another will be labeled “Snowy Peaks Media, a Lifebeats Gifts company”.  The other will be labeled “Ringmasters, a Lifebeats Gifts company”, and so on.  However, you will issue payment to only one company-Lifebeats Gifts

As a vendor/supplier, you, too, will only be doing business with one company – Lifebeats Gifts.  However, p.o.’s  will be issued to you from each individual division, but still under the parent company of Lifebeats Gifts.  For example, if we order products or services from you under the Fan Frenzy brand, our P.O. will be labeled “Fan Frenzy, A Lifebeats Gifts company”.  You will only ship to and invoice one company – Lifebeats GiftsPayment will be issued to you from only one company – Lifebeats Gifts.

We value our business relationship with you and appreciate your patience and understanding as we undergo these changes together.  Our commitment has always been to make it easy for you to do business with us.

Best Regards,

Randy Edmunds, Owner

Ringmasters, LLC, soon to be Lifebeats Gifts, LLC

Posted on: December 28, 2018