Return to Christ

We have a video post for you this week.  This is a video highlighting the recently released line of Return to Christ rings.  For those of you not familiar with the line, here is an excerpt from our catalog:

“For decades, CTR has stood as a symbol of making right choices and following the Savior.  This is a wonderful message and will continue to be important in an increasingly wicked world.  As a complement to that message, the RTC ring reflects a deep commitment to the Savior and a more mature spiritual understanding of why we are here.

The purpose of the RTC ring is to remind us of our purpose in life, that is, to grow, to be tested, to be faithful, to have families, to be happy, and ultimately, to Return to Christ.

In essence, if the “what” of the gospel is to Choose the Right, the “why” of the gospel is to Return to Christ.”

Feel free to use the video below in your e-mail newsletters or on your website.  Without further ado:


Posted on: May 21, 2013