Ringmasters Presents Ringminder

  Don’t miss this quick video preview of our new and exciting program, Ringminder.


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Don’t want to watch right now?  That’s fine, here is the video transcript:

I get it. You are a busy store owner. Between customers, employees, budgets, and purchase orders your time is precious.

That’s why I have condensed this 12 page pdf I was going to send you down to this 2 minute video.

So I’ll cut to the chase and answer the three questions that come to your mind when you hear a pitch like this one.

What is this?

This is Ringminder, a goal setting and achievement program that works by teaching you how to break your big dream into small daily steps, and then reminding you of those steps. These reminders are first a stylish ring that you wear, kind of like a modern day string around your finger, and second, text messages that you customize and schedule through our website. We also have articles, communities, e-books, many other things to help out.

And this means something to my customers, because?..

93% of the population doesn’t set and achieve goals, but 79% says their life would improve if they did.

Whether its weight loss, debt reduction, or being a better member missionary, goals give you the faith and motivation you need to succeed.

How does this help my store?

In addition to providing you popular products, program brochures, and an amazing display, we also empower you with helpful tools, such as:

  • Email blast content for your customers
  • Free webinars that discuss the importance of goals and starting the program through your store
  • A tour, where I may be able to come and host an event at your location.
  • + Much more for a later video.

So reach out and find out why with Ringminder, the power to succeed is in your hands.

Posted on: January 28, 2014