Sounds of Zion

Official Sounds of Zion Announcement

Dear Customers,

We are excited to announce that on September 30, 2013, Ringmasters Jewelry and Gift acquired the gift and print division of Sounds of Zion as well as several of their previously distributed lines. Sounds of Zion has been a long time part of the LDS industry, and we are very excited to continue to bring their products to you.

Order fulfillment for Sounds of Zion products through Ringmasters is effective immediately. These items will maintain the same part numbers for your convenience and will also be appearing in our upcoming catalog, coming early November. To help us better fulfill your orders, we ask that you cancel all purchase orders currently open with Sounds of Zion and reissue these orders with Ringmasters.

Included in this packet are four lists for your information:

  • Continued Items List: Products that will still be continued as part of the Ringmasters line, which includes Sounds of Zion original products, as well as select distributed items from Ancient Icons, Ann Christensen, Dentt Inc., Missionary Emporium, Press Media, SA Life Foundation, Standard Publishing, and Twin Peaks Publishing.  Click here to view.
  • Discontinued List: These items have been acquired by Ringmasters, but are discontinued. Please check your retailer portal at for clearance pricing in the coming weeks. Click here to view.
  • Disallowed items: These products are not available for sale, because the artist/author/owner licensing expired and were not renewed. Click here to view.
  • Price Change List: In most cases, the pricing listed by Sounds of Zion remained the same. The few exceptions are contained in this list. Click here to view.

If you would like electronic versions of any of these lists, please contact Clark at

Please pardon our dust as we work through this huge transition. There are several items on backorder that we are replenishing as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and thank you for your continued business and patience.


The Ringmasters Team.