How To Clean Your Silver Rings (Video)

We have a short video on the best way to get your rings clean.  Feel free to use it in your own marketing or on your website or blog. By the way, if you are interested in the solution and cleaning cloths we are using, please check out retail supplies in the portal. They are […]

Products to share the gospel

With all of the excitement surrounding missionaries and member missionaries by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we’ve had some great discussions as a team about the role we can play in helping members in that role.  Truth is, we strive to create products that fill three basic needs in the LDS market. […]

How to use the Retailer Portal

We appreciate all of your feedback since we launched our new Retailer Portal in March.  If you are new to the portal, we have provided this “How to” guide to help you learn to navigate the site and to answer any questions you have.  To download the guide, please click here.

Tidbits of News

We have a couple of announcements this week: The Stretch Bead Bracelet (JRY164) and the Oil Vials have arrived.  We are working feverishly to get out the backorders.  We appreciate your patience while these items were being produced. They’re here!!!   Also, BAG215, Sports Balls Navy Tote has been discontinued, effective immediately. Thank you for […]

Youth Month

It’s June, and for many of you that means the start of youth season. Young Women camps, youth conferences, scout camps, and treks are in full swing! If you are looking for some great inexpensive gifts for your kids, then look no further than our youth theme products. And during the month of June we […]

Return to Christ

We have a video post for you this week.  This is a video highlighting the recently released line of Return to Christ rings.  For those of you not familiar with the line, here is an excerpt from our catalog: “For decades, CTR has stood as a symbol of making right choices and following the Savior.  […]

E-mail Newsletters

Most of you are already champions at this, but I wanted to cover today some of the benefits of an e-mail newsletter. As you business owners have noticed, the internet has changed anything.  E-mail newsletters were one of the early ways that marketers capitalized on the online world.  It sometimes seems like the good old […]

More Goodies in Your Shipments

If you have ordered recently, you may have noticed these small inserts in your package. Not only do these have helpful information, but they also feature a deal of the month. These deals will last the entire month and there will be a new deal starting the first day of each month. Short and sweet, […]

How to give your customers the exact products they want…

As a leader in the jewelry market for 26 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about manufacturing. In fact, we have the capability that if we don’t carry a type of item that your customer wants, such as a trek gift, we can manufacture it for them. That is how the Ringmasters custom works. […]

Sign up Today For a Ringmasters Webinar!

One of the keys of Ringmaster’s mission statement is that we believe that our success comes as a result of the success of our customers.  You. This year we are refocusing our efforts to provide you better customer service and to explore ways tobetter contribute to your success. The first and most important task is […]