Ringmasters and Sounds of Zion

Dear customers and friends,

Ringmasters Jewelry and Gift is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Sounds of Zion’s gift line and select distributed products.  This announcement signals the joining of two of the LDS industry’s strongest brands.logosoz

With popular products that feature the works of Greg Olsen, Del Parson, Grant Von Harrison, among others, these products help us to pursue our mission to bring you the most “meaningful jewelry and gift items that…reinforce the principles of the LDS Faith.”

What this means to you:

Starting Monday September 30, 2013, Ringmasters will begin fulfilling orders for Sounds of Zion products.   A full list of available items will be published in the coming days.  All items on this list should be ordered directly through Ringmasters.

Ringmasters will also release a full catalog that will ship to your store in October that features the items that will continue to be stocked.  This catalog also contains the products for the 2014 Primary and Mutual Themes.

We are very excited to continue to bring Sounds of Zion’s products to you.  Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.  We appreciate your patience as we fully implement this transition and value your continued support.

Tidbits of News

We have a couple of announcements this week:

The Stretch Bead Bracelet (JRY164) and the Oil Vials have arrived.  We are working feverishly to get out the backorders.  We appreciate your patience while these items were being produced.

They’re here!!!


Also, BAG215, Sports Balls Navy Tote has been discontinued, effective immediately.

Thank you for your continued support.  Please let us know if you need anything.

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